Milo Students Give from the Heart Principal's Son Inspires Record Blood Drive

Milo Adventist Academy students were front-page news in the March 4 edition of the Roseburg, Ore., News-Review.

The American Red Cross comes to Milo’s campus annually for the student association’s blood drive. The one final activity before the blood drive this year was a very passionate chapel service, discussing the link between the blood drive and a fund-raising campaign for leukemia.

Leukemia became a very personal issue for Milo's students and faculty when Andrew Bovee, the five-year-old son of Milo’s principal, Randy Bovee, was diagnosed with the disease. The Milo community had felt a need to support him and his family in any way possible. Many pounds of coins had already been collected, but the students and staff wanted to do more. Past blood drives averaged about 25 donors. But when the bloodmobile pulled up this year, 75 students and staff signed up to give blood for leukemia patients like Andrew.

Andrew showed his support by being at the bus door to give “pointers” on how best to deal with the pain of the needles. “It doesn’t hurt to poke if you blow out,” Andrew said, then gave a demonstration on how he breathes when getting his injections and transfusions.

Some weren’t able to give blood because the bloodmobile ran out of time. Already a second date is being planned to give the Milo staff and students another chance to help a very special little boy.

For the full article on Milo Adventist Academy in the News-Review, visit and look up March 4.

May 01, 2005 / Oregon Conference