Grays Harbor Students Walk for Tsunami Relief

May 01, 2005 | Mark Trethewey

Grays Harbor Adventist Christian School (GHACS) organized a school walk-a-thon for the purpose of raising funds for tsunami relief. Held indoors at the South Shore Mall in Aberdeen, Wash., it proved to be a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

For three hours, 22 students from GHACS, nine students from Mission Creek (another Christian school in South Bend, Wash.) and several other friends and supporters logged their laps, for a total of 708 miles. When pledges were collected, they had raised over $1,700 for the relief effort!

The Davison family demonstrated their commitment, with Savannah, a sixth-grader, walking more than 15 miles; Keegan, a fourth-grader, walking almost nine miles; Linnea, a first-grader, walking eight miles; and Maisy, a preschooler, walking seven and a half miles!

All the students were surprised at how their efforts multiplied when they used the talents they had.