A Smart Start at Walla Walla College

April 01, 2005 | Tara Jeske

Students beginning their educational experience at Walla Walla College should be aware of the Smart Start Summer Scholarship program. Any undergraduate student enrolling in WWC who has not previously taken a class at the college, except while in high school or academy, is eligible to receive the Smart Start Summer Scholarship. This scholarship represents total savings of $3,500 off regular tuition rates.

Students must register for 12 credit hours to receive a $3,000 summer scholarship, and must enroll full time fall quarter to receive a $500 scholarship. The scholarship and rebate will be prorated for students who take 3–11 credits. Students can indicate their interest in the Summer Start program on the usual application for admission to WWC. After acceptance, students can reserve a place in the Smart Start Summer Scholarship program by sending a $25 non-refundable deposit.

Enrollment is limited, so reservations and the deposit should be sent no later than May 27. The Smart Start Summer Scholarship is available only to students enrolled on the College Place campus.