Introducing GleanerNOW!

Now you can go to for up-to-date church news.

• Northwest News

• World Church News

• Adventist News Network

Late-breaking news. Read about it while it’s still NEWS!

Now, on any given day, you might see:

• On-the-scene commentary from members who are participating in short-term mission trips—stories and photos received while the group is still overseas!

• Stories from local churches, schools and academies that are of interest to the whole Northwest.

• On-the-scene commentary and photos from attendees at Northwest church events such as prayer conferences, retreats, conventions, convocations, constituency sessions and more.

• Notice of nationally televised program schedules for special broadcasts as the information becomes available.

• On-the-scene commentary and photos from attendees at such world-church events as international Pathfinder camporees, youth congresses, General Conference sessions, national ASI conventions and more.

• Event announcements received too late to get into the print edition of the GLEANER.

An event calendar is already on that contains all the coming events that have been submitted.

Some events have early deadlines for registration, etc. Now we can highlight those important deadlines in GleanerNOW!

See “Tips for Authors” on page 37 of this issue to learn how to submit information for GleanerNOW! or go to and click on “Contributors’ Information” and follow the on-screen instructions.

April 01, 2005 / Did You Know?