Health Fair at Multnomah Falls

April 01, 2005 | Loren Rogers

Teen Pathfinders from the Oregon Conference Teen Leadership Training Convention held in Corbett, Ore., spent Sabbath afternoon, Jan. 30, hosting a health fair at Multnomah Falls. Ed Hoover from Adventist Community Health provided literature and equipment for the fair.

The main goal of the fair was to educate the public on better ways of living healthfully and also introduce them to Pathfinders in a positive way. The TLTs manned various stations on the falls overlook that included a body-fat test, a grip-strength test, and the very popular “DWI” goggles that simulated the experience of walking under the influence of alcohol. In addition, there was literature describing the “5 a Day” plan for healthy eating and the opportunity to sign up to donate blood at an upcoming Red Cross blood drive. Stickers were available for the children.

Despite a steady drizzle, quite a few people participated in the health fair. The guests walked away with knowledge and a smile, and the TLTs walked away with a new understanding of healthful living and the knowledge they made a few people’s lives better.