AAA's New Weather Station

Most people rely on their local television weather forecaster to find out what the weather forecast will be—not Auburn Adventist Academy! This year our Intro to Engineering class has successfully installed a weather station under the guidance of Tom Allen.

Allen teaches a variety of classes, most notably physics. Allen’s Intro to Engineering class has been working on the weather station since 2003. The station gives temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed, direction, and precipitation information. According to Allen, the station is professional grade, identical to the kind public transportation and weather bureaus use. This station was made possible by a grant from the Commonweal Foundation’s Pathways to Success program.

We love to share with you month after month the bounty of blessings we receive here at AAA. This is just one more way our students continue to grow through the excellent Christian education they receive here.

April 01, 2005 / Washington Conference