Revelation Seminar Sparks Growth at Eastgate Church

March 01, 2005 | Shirley Peterson

After a recent Revelation Seminar at the Walla Walla Eastgate Church, nearly 30 people were baptized. Richard Halversen, North Pacific Union evangelist, officiated in the 10-week series.

Rachael, one of the newly baptized members, knew she was not living the life that she should. She had striven to give up some bad habits, and she also wanted to be a better example to her 5-year-old son. She not only made the decision to commit herself to the Lord, but she also invited her brother Richard to join her in baptism.

Marilyn was also a candidate for baptism. She was a member of another denomination but did not feel comfortable with their interpretation of the Scriptures. She invited her friend George to join her, and both are now finding their role in the Eastgate Church.

Many others shared their stories of God's leading in their lives.