New Bible Course for Native Americans

A new Bible correspondence course designed to reach the Native American population of the United States and Canada has just been completed. Although many Adventist outreach ministries have their own correspondence courses and Bible schools, none of them have targeted the more than 5.5 million native North Americans, until now.

The Native New Day Bible Correspondence Course has spanned an 11-year development period. The editorial committee, a group of five Native Americans representing Canada, the Southwestern United States, and the Pacific Northwest, carefully researched each lesson, making sure nothing would be offensive to any of the North American tribes. The reading level, the artwork, and the stories were carefully chosen so there would be a strong appeal to native people.

Each lesson was carefully illustrated with paintings and photographs, translating traditional evangelistic scenes into illustrations featuring nature and native figures. The artwork was created by A. J. McCoy, an Adventist wildlife artist living in Alberta, Canada.

The lessons, printed by the Pacific Press Publishing Association, are available from the Voice of Prophecy (VOP) either in bulk to churches who want to start their own Bible school or to individuals who request them. There will be a close connection between the local pastor and the VOP. When a student completes about half of the lessons, the VOP will send a card to the pastor with information about the student’s interest.

Monte Church, project coordinator and director of Native Ministries for the North Pacific Union and Canada, says, “Native people love correspondence courses, and as such, the lessons have no boundaries because they can be sent through the postal system no matter how remote the area is.”

March 01, 2005 / North Pacific Union