Men Experience Spiritual Renewal at Retreat

Have you ever noticed that when Satan knows there is something powerful about to happen, he does all in his power to stop it? The good news is he was not successful at preventing the Washington Conference Men’s Retreat from happening the weekend of Nov. 12–14, 2004. Even though the keynote speaker was hospitalized and could not come, enrollment dropped, and traffic blocked the major roads leading to Sunset Lake Camp, the retreat still happened, and the blessings flowed.

“This was a powerful weekend that was drawn together by the Holy Spirit,” one participant said. Another man commented, “Being here, having my heart softened and letting the message and God’s Spirit permeate my soul proved to be the best thing that could have happened to me.”

During the weekend, the men focused on the theme of how to become more passionate for Christ and be the spiritual leaders in their homes that God intended them to be. Breakout sessions reminded the men what it meant to be pure in heart, to live a balanced life, to live as a man created in the image of God, and to experience healing from the dysfunctions that clutter their lives.

The weekend event ended with some exciting activities for the men to participate in, the most popular ones being the sea plane tour of the Seattle area and the challenge course at Sunset Lake.

Next year the retreat will feature Ty Gibson. It will take place at Sunset Lake, Nov. 11–13, 2005.

March 01, 2005 / Washington Conference