Many Hands Make Light Work

The big yellow school bus doors opened, beckoning the waiting people to climb aboard. Thirty people gathered at the Spokane Valley Church parking lot at 6:30 on a Sunday morning to travel to Pasco, Wash., to help the Ephesus Church members put the roof on the church they are building. This small congregation has lofty dreams that they are turning into reality. Valley Church member Conrad Thomas heard about the project and appealed to our members for volunteers to help a sister church.

When the Valley members arrived in Pasco, the Ephesus Church ladies there had breakfast prepared for the hungry crew. After breakfast, the work began in earnest. John and Cinda Cook and Kaycee Kendall erect metal buildings for a living, and their expertise was invaluable in putting on the metal roof. Members of the Wapato All Nations Center worked hard on the project and also came the following weekend. Most of the kids helped by cleaning up the grounds around the building. More of the adults worked on sheeting the exterior walls of the sanctuary. Our oldest crew member, Ed Kendall, swept up the sawdust and mess that lay about on the floor.

While we were working on the building, the Ephesus Church ladies were working on a hot and hearty lunch. After taming our hunger, we were renewed to finish the job. The last piece of roofing was nailed on as darkness fell. It was a long but satisfying day. The heartfelt thanks from the Ephesus members made the day all worthwhile.

March 01, 2005 / Upper Columbia Conference