Learning to Walk Youth Rally 2005

March 01, 2005 | Tara VinCross

Walking. It’s something we do everyday. Whether we’re feeling happy, sad, angry or content, most of us walk around each and every day. It’s so much a part of the way we live, that we wouldn’t dream of not walking.

Is that how it is with our spiritual walk? Do we just walk one day per week? Are we walking every day, no matter how we feel?

These were the questions asked on Jan. 7 and 8 when Washington Conference hosted its annual youth rally at the campus of Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA). Marlene Ferreras, Loma Linda (Calif.) Campus Hill Church youth pastor, was the guest speaker for the weekend, and she challenged each person in the audience of more than 1,000 teenagers to be real with God and journey with Him through every part of their lives.

After a terrific lunch, students chose two seminars to attend, from eight different options on a wide range of subjects, from “Finding Faith” to “Dating, Love and Relationships.” Forty-five students and youth leaders went to one of World Vision’s warehouses to support their relief efforts around the world.

Following the final general session, AAA students and staff provided food booths for visitors to purchase dinner, with proceeds going to support Tsunami survivors. Playground Ministries from Miami, Fla., facilitated the evening's social events.

The Youth Rally was a grand success, and we trust that each person left with a deeper desire to walk with God.