Idaho Attendees at CHIP Summit 2004 and Receive Training to Be Presenters Themselves

Idaho Conference was well represented at the CHIP Summit 2004, in Vancouver, BC. CHIP—Coronary Health Improvement Project—addresses issues with high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Ten people from the Idaho Conference attended the CHIP Summit in November and completed the training which will qualify them to be CHIP directors. Tim and Lori Gray from La Grande, Ore., Shari Preszler from Oasis, Lisa Metsker and Trish Petersen from Cove, Ore., Daun Redfield and Irene Willis from Meridian, and Martin and Dianne Emslie from Pocatello all attended.

CHIP is bringing powerful, life-changing experiences to many communities across North America. The mission statement for CHIP is: Bring healing to the whole person. Create lasting friendships for the church. Stimulate interest in God’s plan for health.

Those who attended were inspired to return home and use this powerful form of health ministry to reach out in their communities. Martin and Dianne Emslie presented the Micro Chip seminar to church members beginning Jan. 12 in Pocatello. It was a training session for those who are interested in volunteering when the community-wide CHIP program is presented in the spring.

March 01, 2005 / Idaho Conference

Dianne Emslie; Pocatello Church Bible worker and pastor's wife