Gem State Academy Students Help Make the Community a Better Place

Gem State Adventist Academy (GSAA) students left the classroom last fall to help the city of Boise with several projects. Some of these included: building a trail in the foothills, assisting at Zoo Boise, beautifying a park, shrub and tree planting, and helping clean up a low-income neighborhood.

“We believe in putting Christianity into action," said Travis Culver, GSAA guidance director and Bible teacher. “We want to teach our kids how to be Christ’s hands and feet. These projects do that.”

Bradley Beckner, a junior at Gem State, said, “It's nice to get off campus and take some time to help make the community a better place. It’s part of why we exist as a school.”

Boise Parks and Recreation welcomed the help and split the more than 150 students into groups that worked on different projects all over the city. A large group worked at the zoo putting together art projects for fall. Another group helped connect two hiking trails in the foothills, building more than 1,000 feet of trail. Many others planted shrubs and trees around the city, while still others cleaned up a low-income neighborhood.

“Service Day is a time to give back to our community in a tangible way, and also teach our students the joy of service,” said Mike Schwartz, principal. “We’re excited to be a part of keeping up the city of Boise.”

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March 01, 2005 / Idaho Conference