CAA Head Start Christmas Party

One of the things that we do at Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) every year is a Christmas party for the kids from the local Head Start program. We get together in groups of 5–7 people, and we sign up for a kid to sponsor. Each group receives a sheet of paper that gives a child's name, age, clothing sizes, and something that they have wanted for Christmas. The group members throw in a few dollars apiece and go out shopping for the kids who might not get anything for Christmas otherwise.

My group had a little boy named Travis. What Travis really wanted for Christmas was the hungry hippo game and a few other things like clothes. We each donated some money, and then my friends and I went to the store and bought him everything he wanted.

A few weeks before Christmas, the children were brought to CAA for a party, including a visit from Santa, a Christmas story, and gifts for everyone. The kids all wore name tags so that we would know who they were. We all found our kids, and the group of us got in a circle and introduced ourselves to Travis. Travis was happy with all of the presents he got. I like doing this for my kid and can’t wait to do this again next year.

March 01, 2005 / Oregon Conference