A Baptism of a Poet

Kirk Shea accepted and gave his heart to Jesus in December and wanted to be baptized to start the year out new in Christ. On Jan. 8, Shea went down into the water and arose to newness with Jesus.

Shea had been studying with Jim Harris, an Elgin Church member, for several months. Steve Gilmore, Elgin Church pastor, received a call late one Thursday evening from Harris who had just finished a study with Shea. Harris was so excited as he explained that Shea wanted to be baptized.

The day of Shea's baptism began with a communion service and special music by his stepmother Bonnie Shea. His father was so happy as he witnessed Pastor Gilmore baptize his son.

The following poem was written from Shea's heart. It was read as he was waiting in the tank just before baptism. It brought many tears to the eyes of the congregation.


How oft’ I would run

Many times I tried to hide

To get away from that awful feeling

That terrible empty down inside.

How many times

Did I ever really think

That the emptiness inside

Could be filled with drugs and drink.

Got real good at goin’ 'round

With false bravado an’ smilin’ face,

But acts of lust and lots of drink

Still couldn’t fill that empty space.

I made many “friends”

Some here, some there

Always thinking

That they really did care.

And with those “friends”

That really weren’t chosen right

Can lead you astray

Then leave you when times are tight.

Tried collecting material things

Thanking that would do the trick

Required long hours, hard work

Which left me tired and sick.

So more drugs and alcohol

Spendin’ all my money

Yet I couldn’t get that “feeling”

Eyes watery, nose always runny.

There has always been that call

One that I wouldn’t heed

His name is Jesus Christ

He can fill our every need.

But like most people

I thought I could go my own

So why was it

That I still felt so all alone?

With so many bad habits

And bills I couldn’t pay

Finally caught up to me

One dark, eventful day

To try and pay for my past

From family I stole some wealth

Never thinking of them

Just my poor, “pitiful” self.

I couldn’t even face them

For in me they lost faith and trust

Several times I want to repay them

To gain back their respect, a must!

Could it really be done

By just being me?

No I don’t think so

For I was lost, you see.

So I got down on my knees

From there I began to pray;

Asking Jesus into my life,

To pick me up, show me the way.

Where earthly things couldn’t fill

My deep, dark, empty space,

Now’s been flooded with joy and hope

From God’s ever-loving grace!

So to all my friends past and present

And to people I don’t even know

By asking Jesus into your life

To that empty space, His love will surely flow.

And if you think it may be hard

If you think it might be tough

A longing, repenting heart is all you need

For a start, that’s really just enough.

So for all of us “empties”

There is always hope and glee

For through Jesus, that space down deep

Will be filled with His love for all eternity!

Kirk P. Shea

March 01, 2005 / Idaho Conference