Another Victory for Christ Through 3ABN

Al Smith was searching for a church home where he could learn and share. He came from a Presbyterian church in California to the small town of Canyonville, Ore., to be with his mother and step-father. One day he happened upon 3ABN where he listened to Lyle Albrecht. He was fascinated with the message and began to watch other programs. He finally decided to look up the local Seventh-day Adventist Church and discovered that there was one just around the corner from his mother’s house. He entered the church and sat down in the back row to see what it was all about. Little did he know that the pastor had been praying for someone to come and get involved in the church.

After meeting church members and being greeted warmly, he was compelled to get involved. He then attended the Southern Oregon camp meeting at Milo. He heard and met Mike Ryan from Global Missions and was invited to attend the Gladstone camp meeting and the Redwood camp meeting in California. He enthusiastically attended all the seminars he could.

When he heard about the Maranatha program from Canyonville’s members, he got involved in their projects. His baptism in the Canyonville Church finalized his family membership there. He is thinking about going to India and joining a Maranatha evangelistic group who will establish new churches and instruct new members in the new churches. There will be no stopping Al Smith in his effort to do the Lord’s work.

March 01, 2005 / Oregon Conference