Alaska Students Respond to Tsunami Victims

Alaskan Adventist school students have joined children across America by opening their hearts and piggy banks in response to the news stories and photos of the devastation from the tsunami in Asia. In Sitka, Cindy Patten and her 11 students chose to respond by selling student-baked pies.

An order form was circulated, offering pumpkin or pecan pies for $12 each. Most of one day was devoted to the hands-on baking lab. As a result, 20 pumpkin and 12 pecan pies were sold.

"It was fun to be having fun and helping people at the same time," stated Karli, one of the students. Derek said that his friends and his family ordered pies. He added, "Even though we thought we might have forgotten to put salt in one batch, everyone said the pies were really good."

Approximately $400 was sent to ADRA’s Asia tsunami relief fund.

March 01, 2005 / Alaska Conference