Milo Juniors Recognized Junior Recognition Weekend Attracts Parents and Friends

February 01, 2005

Junior recognition is a weekend of events put on by Milo Academy's junior class. This year it began Friday, Dec. 3, with a vespers program, continued Sabbath with Sabbath School and Sunset Meditations, and culminated with a Saturday-night talent show.

The class of 2006 showed their love for God by demonstrating their talents through monologues, original poems, skits, solos, duets, and performances put on by organized groups, such as Voices of Zion and the new Milo Bell Choir.

This year the juniors chose "A Night at the Diner" as their Saturday-night program theme and decorated the gym with things from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. The program was designed in the style of a menu. With a '68 Mustang and a 1930s Model A, the gym was packed full, and the audience was in good spirits. Girls dressed in poodle skirts served burgers and fries.

The evening program began with a talent show. The emcee, Eli Ditmore, a junior from Sandy, kept the audience entertained between acts with his jokes, interactive songs, and ironic sayings. During the intermission, the annual junior auction was held. Neil Patel, a junior from Roseburg, served as auctioneer, very successfully coaxing bids from the audience. Then Sarah Sexton and Mary Jo Hough directed two episodes of Little Rascals. The audience laughed and applauded at the hilarious acting.

To close off the night and the weekend, Dave Williams led in the traditional cheer as the juniors shouted in good spirits that they were the best. Then smiling with relief, they bid their parents and friends good-night.