God-Inspired Miracles at AAA

February 01, 2005 | Nelita Davamony

The future of many church schools rests on the shoulders of the people who find it in their hearts to support the schools financially. At Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA) we have come a long way with the support of people that have consistently and continually found ways to volunteer or to contribute financially.

Jan Davis, development and alumni director, works daily communicating with those generous donors and conveying the vision for the future of AAA. This vision was captured by the Committee of 100 at their annual brunch. The Committee of 100 is designated to look at a wish list from staff that will enhance excellence in Christian education. From this wish list they meet as many needs as possible.

This year has been somewhat of a miracle year in that everything on AAA’s wish list was met! Commenting on this miracle at AAA, Davis said, “Donors like this are an inspiration to others as they set precedence in giving to Christian education.”