Giant Schnauzers Preach Sermons

February 01, 2005 | Carrie Tow

Joy Mathews brought Zion and Lovely, two world-champion giant Schnauzers, to Adventist Christian School in Idaho Falls on Oct. 1. Students sat in awe as Joy demonstrated Zion and Lovely's abilities to perform, then drew spiritual lessons from the dogs' actions. After the presentation, the dogs enjoyed the children's petting.

Joy shared her personal testimony for the Sabbath sermon on Oct. 2 at the Idaho Falls Church. "Training for Heaven in Five Words" was the title of the evening vespers program. Before each word, Zion or Lovely demonstrated the word, then Joy added the spiritual lesson.

Zion Joy Ministry uses Zion and Lovely to share Bible lessons with audiences throughout the United States in churches, schools, youth groups, women's retreats, and Vacation Bible Schools. Her book, Zion—Missionary for God, written by Helen Heaverlind, tells about the experiences God used to lead Joy to her present ministry. At the 3ABN studios, Joy recently completed a dog-training special with spiritual applications. You may contact Joy at