Friendship Group Sponsors Activities

Every summer, Adventist Widowed of Oregon, a friendship group for people who have lost their spouses, sponsors many exciting events. Last summer's activities included a luau at the Old Spaghetti Factory, an all-American picnic complete with homemade ice cream and pie, a two-hour ride on the Columbia Gorge sternwheeler, and a brunch. This year's plans are already in the works.

Naomi Huey, director, and Ruthie Jacobsen, then women’s ministries director, founded Adventist Widowed of Oregon in 1991. Naomi, an Oregon Conference employee until 1999, was widowed in 1989 and had been attending a Baptist program for widowed women. Ruthie wanted a program started for Adventists. "It took 16 to 18 months to really kick off the program," says Naomi. "But in the fall of 1991, Adventist Widowed of Oregon was launched, and it has been going ever since."

Under the umbrella of Oregon Conference women's ministries, Adventist Widowed of Oregon is open to all widows and widowers. There is no age boundary set, though most participants are over 50. But some participants are as young as 30 or 40. There are no membership fees or monthly dues. Funding for the activities comes from the modest trip fees charged to participants.

Adventist Widowed of Oregon is a ministry that provides support and fellowship. Unlike many singles ministries, this is not a dating service. But occasionally the support and fellowship can ignite sparks of love.

For more information or to be added to the Adventist Widowed of Oregon mailing list, contact Oregon Conference women's ministries at (503) 652-2225.

February 01, 2005 / Oregon Conference