Preserving the Spirit of Healing: The Chaplains' Endowment

January 01, 2005

At AMC, chaplains are a critical component of patient care. To that end, the hospital has established a Chaplains' Endowment Fund with the ambitious goal of raising $6.2 million. After four years, more than $5.2 million has already been donated and pledged.

“Our chaplains’ program is so important to the mission of this hospital that the board chose to make this the first program to endow,” stated John Korb, AMC philanthropy services director. “The purpose of the Chaplains' Endowment is to preserve the spiritual care component of this facility, no matter what.”

The campaign is breaking new ground. According to Korb, it’s the first time a chaplains’ endowment has been tried in an Adventist hospital, and possibly the first time it has been attempted in any health care setting.

Thanks to the Chaplains' Endowment Fund, patients and their family members will always be able to count on receiving spiritual care at AMC. To learn more about the campaign, please contact the hospital’s Philanthropy Services at (503) 251-6197 or visit the hospital’s Web site at