Youth Take Up Body Building: Building the Body of Christ

December 01, 2004 | Rusty Hottal

Northeast Washington youth learned all about "body building" at the Northeast Washington Camp Meeting at Fruitland July 28–31. Marvin Thorman, Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) math and Bible teacher, led out in the youth department. He used classroom and challenge course activities to teach principles of how to build up and work together as the body of Christ.

After each challenge course activity, Thorman discussed with the class what they had learned. The group learned that just like a human body needs to breathe, eat, exercise, and rest, the body of Christ needs to "breathe" (pray), "eat" (study), "exercise" (witness), and "rest" (socialize) together. They learned that being a "body" means making sure that everyone in the group makes it through; when one member hurts, everyone feels it; when one person does something, it affects everyone in the group.

Several adults participated in theSabbath afternoon session; by being "handicapped," they learned to trust the kids and let them do many of the tasks. Many participants were eager to take these principles back to their own church and youth groups.