Puppet Parade from Grants Pass Goes World-Wide!

A locally produced children's show is going world-wide! The Hope Channel asked KBLN Better Life Television in Grants Pass, Ore., for episodes of the children's Bible-based show "Puppet Parade," which they are now airing internationally.

Ron Davis, KBLN Station Manager, says, "It's Mr. Rogers Neighborhood meeting the Muppets, with a solid Bible theme in every episode." The 30-minute show features "Grandma Sing-A-Song" interacting with puppets who tell Bible stories and sing original songs.

Neila Moore plays the character of "Grandma Sing-A-Song" and says, "It was a calling from God to do this show, because my whole life is music, and I wanted to share with children that God's plan can be fun."

The colorful puppets tell Bible stories from "The Garden of Eden" to the "Parables of Jesus." Each episode teaches that moral responsibility is about doing what God expects of us and what He wants us to do.

What's unique about "Puppet Parade" are the volunteers: the main puppeteers are Jake Lockman, 16, and Molly Sumpter, 14. KBLN tapes two episodes every month with help from an all-volunteer staff of camera operators and helpers.

The production includes Larry Gibson, Gateway Christian Fellowship pastor, doing the voice of a singing monkey. The main characters are Baby Bird and Jasper, who live in a tree-house and talk about problems that face them. They get help from Grandma Sing-A-Song, a frog, a bear and a singing country hen. Each show features the four Emmons sisters, 9–16, playing musical instruments and singing original songs. Every episode shares the wonderful plan of Christ's salvation in an uplifting and sometimes humorous fashion.

KBLN has produced 50 episodes and runs them 4 times a week throughout southern Oregon and northern California. The Adventist Hope Channel selected "Puppet Parade" as one of the shows they want to air world-wide starting in mid-November on Sabbath mornings. For more information, go to: www.puppetparade.tv.

December 01, 2004 / Oregon Conference