Pacific Press

Pacific Press

• Prints approximately 3,700,000 paperback books and 300,000 hardback books a year.

• Prints more than 15,000,000 magazines a year.

• Prints in excess of 5,000,000 sharing booklets a year.

• Prints and mails more than a million Adult Sabbath School Quarterlies a year.

• Ships more than 3 million pounds of mail a year, making Pacific Press the largest bulk mailer in the state of Idaho.

• Uses more than 5,600,000 pounds of paper in their web press, and more than 3,200,000 sheets of paper in their sheet-fed press in a year.

• Stores five million finished products in their warehouse.

• Runs 15,000 sheets an hour on their sheet-fed press and 30,000 magazines an hour on their web press.

• Publishes materials in 16 languages.

• Is owned and operated by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, and employs 140 Adventists at its Nampa, Idaho location, as well as more than 120 Adventist Book Center staff and publishing field leaders.

• Serves 250 literature evangelists.

• Operates 24 of the 67 retail Adventist Book Center stores in North America.

• Is located on 61 acres in a building the size of three football fields, or 180,780 square feet.

December 01, 2004 / Did You Know?