Mount Ellis Academy Food Drive Impresses the Community

Mount Ellis Academy (MEA) girls’ club recently hosted a food drive at local grocery stores for the Gallatin County Food Bank. Students decorated boxes, created signs, and made flyers requesting that customers purchase non-perishable items to contribute to the food drive.

An afternoon activity for the boys’ dorm, girls’ dorm, and village students, the food drive was organized by the girls' club officers. Despite the chilly weather and an unexpected number of student volunteers, the students' spirits were high. Jessica Dickerson, MEA senior, said, “We got to help sweet old ladies, and we weren’t in the dorm all day.”

Besides benefiting the local food bank, the event provided an opportunity for students to interact with the community. “We got a chance to promote the school a little bit because people asked us what Mount Ellis was,” said Kelly Ree, MEA sophomore and girls’ club public relations officer. Students gave the community a great impression of MEA with their polite and gracious demeanor. One participating grocery store requested the students' help for a food drive they are hosting in November.

December 01, 2004 / Montana Conference