Russian Church Celebrates Organization

The Russian Center for Spiritual Enrichment in Bellevue, Wash., officially joined the sisterhood of Washington Conference churches on Aug. 28 during a service filled with music, praise and rejoicing as the members reflected on how the Lord has led them thus far.

The Russian work really began in 1993 when Michael Olinick from Russia came to study at Walla Walla College. He held a series of meetings in Kent, Wash., and began a small Russian group. This group was adopted by the Volunteer Park Church in Seattle where Bruce Koch pastored. Translation devices were purchased to aid during the worship services, and the group continued to grow.

They began praying for the right person to come and continue to lead them in the work to the Russian-speaking people in the greater Seattle area. God answered by sending Vitaly Olinick.

Olinick soon was speaking in various Russian churches in the region and reaching out through a regular radio broadcast. In fact, each week there are those visiting for the first time who heard about the church on the radio.

Home churches started throughout the region have been instrumental in the congregation's growth. They have targeted all Russian-speaking individuals in the area as well as really trying to reach out to those with an atheistic background. The name of the church is one that appeals to a broad section of the Russian-speaking population.

Eighty-three people signed the organizational charter. Weekly church attendence is at 150 people. This church is already reaching out to other areas of the conference and is beginning Sabbath services with a small group in Tacoma. Soon there may be yet another church that will proclaim the Adventist message to the world.

October 01, 2004 / Washington Conference