Korean Central Church Celebrates Grand Opening

The Korean Central Church (Auburn, Wash.) recently opened their doors for a grand opening celebration of their new church facility.

The church bustled with energy as members welcomed guests from throughout the region into the brand-new facility built by faith in God's leading. This facility was built from a vision to have space for all age groups in the church. The church is built in a round design with plenty of seating for the current members as well as room to expand as the church continues to fulfill the gospel commission in the greater Seattle area.

The large fellowship hall also serves as a full-size gymnasium that will accommodate the many youth programs that the church holds. The kitchen is a state-of-the-art design that many restaurants would love.

During the grand opening John Freedman, Washington Conference president, challenged the church to continue walking with the Lord and inviting people to worship as Hezikiah did. Not everyone will come to worship, yet there will always be those who will want to learn more of God and will come to the temple. This will be the goal of the Korean Central Church as they continue to be faithful in inviting others to worship

October 01, 2004 / Washington Conference