Cooperation Develops Unique Sermon Series

Pastors Chuck Burkeen and Monte Robinson developed a special 12-week series of sermons with the worship team of the Springfield (Ore.) Church to define who Jesus identified Himself as.

The first sermon focused on the names that God called Himself, such as El Shadai, Yahweh and El Hoim. The familiar stories and verses in which Jesus said, "I am…" were linked to bring out the characteristics that Jesus wanted His followers to realize about Him, His Father and the Holy Spirit. The pastors alternated preaching the series in Springfield and her sister church in Junction City.

The worship team presented songs, skits and children’s stories around the topic and found artists to illustrate each week's sermon on a large board. The artists painted while the sermon proceeded. At the end of the series, a beautiful collage was finished and presented to the collegiate classroom for permanent display.

Some members had been studying with Jehovah's Witnesses who claim that Jesus is not part of the Godhead. This series answered those questions squarely and firmly.

Other members and visitors expressed a further and renewed understanding of Jesus' character. The worship team, the artists and the other participants in the worship hour grew as they contemplated and studied the meaning of the part they would play in the worship. Their enthusiasm spread to the congregation.

This cooperation of the pastors, the worship team, church artists and other participants further illustrates how God’s kingdom works together to create beauty and harmony in the universe.

October 01, 2004 / Oregon Conference