Auburn Moves from Flames to Facelift

It has been months since Auburn Adventist Academy's (AAA) girls' dorm and classrooms inside it were destroyed by flames. A facelift following these events is bringing a sense of restoration and renewal to the campus.

Melissa Howell, AAA assistant girls' dean, said that "the same girls that saw it fall are looking forward to seeing a new one [dorm]." Howell added that there was a lot of excitement when the girls saw cement poured on the foundation a few weeks ago.

In addition to the girls' dorm, construction is underway for a new family consumer science and health building to replace the destroyed classrooms.

All the construction on campus has brought the faculty and students together in mutual anticipation. The sense of community connected to the tragedy has only been heightened by the rebuilding and construction occurring at Auburn.

Though use of the these buildings will come later, students have been able to enjoy changes to the cafeteria, Rudolph Hall. The remodeling of the cafeteria was supplemented by the Committee of 100 and friends. The remodeling includes new carpet, tables, chairs, paint and a conference room. The remodeling of the outdoor patio is being finished up with cement tables, benches and lampposts being added to the outdoor barbecue grills provided by the class of 2002.

God has been good to Auburn Adventist Academy, and we will keep sharing his continual blessings.

October 01, 2004 / Washington Conference