Auburn Student Leaders Learn Skills While Serving Peers

September 01, 2004 | Amber Serns

There are numerous opportunities for leadership at Auburn Adventist Academy, and the students take their jobs very seriously and dedicate much of their free time to them. The student clubs, class offices and job responsibilities available on campus give students a variety of ways to develop their skills.

Among the leaders on campus are the Associated Student Body (ASB) officers, which, for the 2004–2005 school year, are Brandon Gratias, Ashley Buderus, Carin Ojanen, Kevin Gang, Holly Cadwallader, Daniel Peterson, Seth Wilde, Lhamo Ma, Wes Sandvik, Ryan Gratias and Kevin Russel.

This group of talented and respected students not only agrees to maintain a high level of academic and social standards but also tackles the task of meeting the ever-challenging academic, social and spiritual needs of their peers.

The ASB officers begin their duties days before the student body arrives. Their first job is to plan a fun series of events to welcome the students and help them get to know each other better while making meaningful memories.

But their creative responsibilities do not end there. Throughout the school year they create valuable outreach activities, a memorable amateur hour, the fall festival and spirit week along with many other parties and banquets. These students keep their goal of serving their peers and showing Christ in the forefront in their endeavors.

They take full advantage of the opportunities afforded them at AAA. The valuable skills they learn will allow them to reach even bigger goals later in life.