Surprise Party Sends Pastoral Couple On Trip to "Hawaii"

August 01, 2004 | Fawn Schutt

When best friends Kim Bartholomew and Fawn Schutt began discussing their plans in November for a surprise birthday party for their pastor, Willard Santee (Otis Orchards, Wash., and Post Falls, Idaho, District pastor), and his wife, Joan, they wanted to do so because Pastor Will (as they call him) and Joan mean so much to them.

They decided that in order to have a joint party, they would need to have the party between the two birthdays, Jan. 1 and Feb. 2, so they set the date for Jan. 18. They also chose to hold the big event at the Otis Orchards Church and planned a Hawaiian luau theme. The two girls planned and planned and did all they could to make this day one of the happiest days in the pastoral couple’s lives.

Right before the guests of honor where to arrive, the girls went into the sanctuary of the church and had a time of prayer, asking God to bless the evening and thanking Him for Santees and for helping them in the planning of the party.

The party was a total hit, and the nearly 60 people in attendance had a great time. God did bless as He always does.

The girls plan on having more fun parties to join the two churches in fellowship, but they assure their pastor and his wife that they don’t plan on surprising them again anytime soon.