Sow 1 Billion Campaign Launched with Billboards and Cards

A future without fear is the global theme of Sow 1 Billion, a special campaign with a large but simple goal: to invite one billion people to take Bible studies and to learn of Jesus Christ. Washington Conference has kicked off the campaign with 10 large billboards scattered from Kent south through Tacoma that mirror 100,000 cards being mailed to households throughout the same region.

The theme of the cards is particularly appropriate as the Tacoma area has recently been declared the most stressed-out city in America. Area churches have been holding training seminars to prepare members to follow up on the the interest that will no doubt be coming. Prayers and planning are going into not only the personal follow-up that will take place but also into the evangelistic meetings that come this fall.

Other churches in the Washington Conference have committed to distributing an additional 60,000 cards in their local areas as well. A rich harvest is expected as God's Spirit is poured out in Washington.

August 01, 2004 / Washington Conference