Orcas Christian School Graduates Increase by 400 Percent

Families, friends and island community members packed the small Adventist church to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of the four members of the Orcas Christian School's (OCS) class of 2004 on June 11. This second OCS graduation represented a huge increase over the first year's single graduate.

After being amused and challenged by Matthew Gamble, Washington Conference church planter currently working with the 24/Seven Ministry Center in the greater Seattle area, on how to relate to themselves, others, the world and God, the graduates were recognized for their individual contributions to the school and for earning scholarships.

This is exciting for the church and school community, especially because most students who attend OCS come from non-Adventist homes and many are not even Christians. This “school plant” has worked very hard at establishing a quality school for Christ and for building relationships on the island to help the close-knit community know that Adventists are “normal” and that our beliefs are not “cultish.”

The students have been ambassadors as they leave with a sense that there is a God who cares about them.

August 01, 2004 / Washington Conference