Milo's Students Take Spiritual Temperature

These quotes, taken from this year's end-of-the-year student survey, say it all when it comes to Milo Adventist Academy's "spiritual temperature."

“I have just grown tremendously emotionally, spiritually and socially.” —Julie Crow

“I’ve gotten to know Him since I’ve been here.” —Nathan Smith

“You’re always in a Christian environment.” —Kris Lancaster

“While at Milo I have become more open about belief as a Christian and am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in.” —Kevin Van Tassel

“It is really cool to be able to just stop and pray in the hall in between classes.” —Nathan Witherspoon

“You can get closer to God here.” —Lauren Nelson

“Christian atmosphere is everywhere. People are kind and helpful.” —Leysa Klymenchenko

“You can tell this is a spiritual school by the way people act.” —Lindsay Bissell

“I think the best thing about Milo is the ability that Milo has to bring people closer to God.” —Summer Coggins

“The best thing about Milo is the spiritual atmosphere. God is very present here, and the people here are so friendly.” —Emily Crocker

“I think this is a place where people become closer to God.” —Zabdi Diaz

“Since I’ve been here at Milo, my spiritual life has grown a lot. I love feeling safe while talking about God with others.” —Kelli Giles

“Milo’s great staff work to help [students] achieve a closer relationship with God.” —Lisa Hulse

“When we have worships in the church, song service with lights dimmed and just singing, it really touches me, and there’s a strong sense of spirituality.” —Natasha Knoblock

“The presence of God is everywhere. It’s so awesome to come to a school where everyone is so into God and everything about Him.” —Jessica McNeil

“The setting continually reminds us of God’s awesome power.” —Hannah Rodriguez

“The best thing is that it’s not just the staff who emphasize and care about spirituality, but also the students.” Sarah Sexton

“I like being able to share God.” —Kimberley Wheeker

“I’ve been immersed in a Christian atmosphere.” —Josiah Fisher

“Milo taught me that God deserves all the glory!” —Lauren Nelson

“Milo is a place where I can freely worship and learn about God.” —Adrian Currier

“Everyone here has a relationship with God, and we share with each other.” —Brenda Beenken

“The Friday night vespers and the afterglow are some of my favorite things at Milo.” —Carley Wilson

August 01, 2004 / Oregon Conference