UCC Band Clinic at UCA

The music clinics held on the campus of Upper Columbia Academy are one of the many delightful ways that area Adventist schools and students are able to network with each other. This year, more than a hundred students from music programs all over the conference attended the band clinic which ran from Thursday noon through Saturday evening. They came from elementary schools, junior academies, home schools and public schools. When combined with the UCA students, the clinic concert band, which was conducted by Dr. Brandon Beck from Walla Walla College, had 175 members!

One of the strengths of the clinic was that every student also participated in a workshop specializing in their particular instrument (flute, oboe, sax, trumpet, French horn, etc.). There were nine of these workshops, taught by area professors and members of the Spokane symphony.

The busy clinic schedule featured one highlight after another. At the beginning of each full rehearsal was a mini-concert given by small ensembles and by advanced UCA seniors. On Thursday evening, visiting students were fascinated to learn about the music technology now available at UCA.

On Friday evening, the Walla Walla College Brass Choir gave the vespers program. On several numbers, the UCA Brass Choir joined in, much to the delight of the audience. The clinic concert, featuring the 175-member clinic concert band, was held on Saturday night and featured the UCA Brass Quintet.

“Most events of this kind are simply about getting together as a group for the experience of playing together,” says Jerry Lange, clinic organizer. “But our philosophy includes giving the students the opportunity to hear from more advanced students as well as professionals and to learn more about their individual instrument.”

The obvious bonus to the musical experience is the opportunity the clinic gives younger students to get a taste of Christian education at the academy level. This year, a number of visiting students expressed how much they enjoyed seeing the older students singing and praying together in the UCA dorms.