Spokane Jr. Academy Renovates Inside and Out

In today’s society, finding a school where teachers really care about students and desire to see them give their lives to Jesus is unusual at best. At Spokane Jr. Academy (SJA), students are encouraged to develop their academic skills in a top-notch academic program as well as to be the best they can be socially, physically and spiritually.

Because teachers have a positive impact on children for life and eternity, SJA has developed a professional faculty who work closely with each other, parents and students to make every student's educational process the best it can be.

To renovate the school on the inside, the SJA faculty met numerous times this year to envision what the ultimate Christian education would look like. They diligently searched for better ways to meet the needs of children in a fast-changing world.

In addition to making the educational program even stronger on the inside, the faculty are working to make SJA stronger on the outside with the relocation of the school. God has worked miracle after miracle on land that had so many supposed roadblocks that no one else wanted it. As God’s land, those roadblocks have melted away, one by one.

SJA's new school will be on the edge of the city by a wildlife reserve where the school's faculty will continue their 64-year legacy of educating children for eternity.


Ruth Lenz and Rick Jordan, SJA teachers, and David M. Wallace, SJA development director