Shelton Students' Reading Scores Double

Students of Shelton Valley Adventist School, their teachers and parents are celebrating the results of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills that the students took recently. On average each student's reading score doubled from previous year's scores. Some more than doubled their scores.

Shelton Valley currently has 13 students in grades one through eight. With this student/teacher ratio, Tracey Gaver, teacher, and the teacher's aid, Becky Rayl, are able to utilize unit studies over the range of student's ages and abilities.

Their diversified program includes grades two through eight designing board games that illustrate the exploratory route of Lewis and Clark. Those same grades also developed PowerPoint presentations of Civil War battles that included vintage photos captured from the Internet.

For the recent science fair, each student developed a science entry that included a hypothesis, an experiment to test the hypothesis, a written report and a storyboard to detail their project. Also on display were the students' PowerPoint presentations.

The Shelton church and school family is happy to see the good things that are happening at this school through their support of Christian education.

July 01, 2004 / Washington Conference