Faith on Fire Seeks Bibles

July 01, 2004 | Sylvia Kalua

"Please, may I have one? Oh, please, may I have one?" still rings in our ears from distributing the 32,000 Bibles gathered by the Pathfinders only four years ago at the international camporee. A container of Bibles was shipped to Belize from that camporee, and, as the Pathfinders there were out on the streets one afternoon giving away some of those Bibles, they met Erica.

She was riding her bicycle from Panama to Mexico, and, upon arrival at the Mexico border, she had been denied entry and so had gone to the embassy in Belize City to get her papers in order. There she met Pastor Gillette and the Pathfinders. When she discovered that she could get a Bible, she was so excited she cried. She said, "You mean I had to come here all the way from Panama so that God could answer my prayer for help and so I could have a Bible?" She stayed with the group the rest of the day and that evening at the beach she requested to be baptized.

Millions of people are without a copy of God’s love letter to this planet and most of us have many copies in our homes. In many countries it costs more than a week’s wages to purchase one. We have been blessed by God not just for ourselves but that we might have the joy of sharing.

The Pathfinder goal for the Faith on Fire Camporee is to gather 100,000 Bibles so that they can send a container to India, the Philippines, Ghana and Kenya to help answer some of the cries for a Bible in those countries. Each individual Pathfinder's goal is five Bibles and $5 for shipping. Won’t you help them reach their goal?