Auburn Plans Student-led Evangelistic Series

July 01, 2004 | Melissa Roberts

A youth-led evangelistic series will begin Oct. 22 in Auburn, Wash. A team of students from Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA) will be in charge of planning, performing, greeting, providing childcare and speaking throughout the entire event.

Bill Roberts, Auburn Academy Church pastor, came up with the idea, and both associate pastors are helping get the students started. Student leader Lindsay Smith was selected by the pastors to choose a student planning committee and keep everyone organized. Over a period of five weeks, the group has had four planning meetings, including one with the student speakers to pick topics for their talks. There will be nine speakers, and each will present on two nights during the series, which will end Nov. 13. At each meeting, there will be music, drama, and multi-media and speaking presentations featuring Auburn groups organized by the student planning committee.

The first five meetings will be held at a community convention center in Auburn. At the first meetings, Adventist members are required to bring a non-Adventist as their admission due to limited seating. After that, the meetings will move to the Auburn Academy Church, where students and church members may attend freely. AAA’s calendar has been planned around this event, and students will be encouraged to participate in and attend the programs.

Before the end of the school year, the student speakers settled on the topics on which they will speak so they could practice over the summer. Local pastors will be helping them with delivery and style at the beginning of next school year.

Please keep these student leaders and those who will be attending in your prayers.