Young Boy's Desire Reminds Pastor of Samuel

At just three years of age, Justin Wier began coming to Sabbath School with his grandmother, Donna McQuown, after she became acquainted with the church through the Springfield (Ore.) Church's Adventist Community Services. He loved the Bible stories, songs and activities in the beginners, kindergarten and primary rooms. Leaders noticed his eager response to the Holy Spirit.

When Kay Pohl spotted McQuown and Wier trudging from church to the bus stop one Sabbath, she offered them a ride. Soon they were spending many Sabbath afternoons eating dinner, playing games and reading stories at her home along with Wier's brother, Jonathan, and grandfather, Kenny, who now joined them at church.

When his grandparents were baptized, Wier wanted to be baptized too. He was advised to wait until he was 10 years old. “You mean I have to wait four more years?” he sighed.

Wier continued to press for baptism. Seeing Wier’s knowledge and dedication, Jim Blackwood, pastor, was more than willing to baptize the eight-year-old Wier, calling him a “Samuel.” When he tested young Wier on his understanding of the doctrines of the Bible one question was, “What is the Sabbath?" Weir responded, “When God made the earth, that’s when God took His break.”

Weir was baptized on his birthday, March 13. He beamed as many hands raised, accepting the privilege of being his new aunts, uncles, grandparents and brothers and sisters in Christ.

June 01, 2004 / Oregon Conference