Ft. Peck Enjoys Revival and Growth

Thanks to two seminars, the Ft. Peck Reservation Company in Poplar, Mont., is enjoying a fresh sense of revival and growth.

The first seminar, held by Brian and Denise Bechthold, featured music, Bible study and fellowship over shared food. As a result of these meetings, two Dakota Sioux women, Lucy Iron Thunder and Sharon Boxer, joined the church. A revival also happened among the group's own members, with Larry and Lorraine Heater and Ed and Kris Simons being re-baptized.

Following the Bechtholds' seminar, the church is conducting a Daniel seminar. Attendance has been more than a dozen people, and the meetings are held in the Heaters' home. Lorraine Heater's constant devotion to preparing food for the fellowships has created an opportunity for attendees to become friends as well as brothers and sisters in Christ. Kris Simons calls the people to remind them of the meeting each week. That and the pastor's personal visitation has been bringing together a really nice group of adults to study God's Word.

The revival has spread to the junior and earliteen divisions, with several children requesting baptism, and a baptismal class has been formed.

In addition to all this good news, the group will soon have a building inspected which they hope to use and own for a reasonable sum.

June 01, 2004 / Montana Conference