Congreso de Jovenes 2004

June 01, 2004 | Tara VinCross

"El Amor Triunfa," the triumphant love of God, was the theme for the Washington Conference Spanish Youth Congress April 30–May 2. During the weekend, the Puget Sound Adventist Academy gym was filled with more than 450 guests who spent the day in worship, learning and fellowship through drama, music, preaching and seminars.

On Sabbath, after a full church service and a fellowship meal prepared by church members, more than 100 teenagers poured their energy into servant evangelism, visiting nine different parks and handing out nearly 1,500 bottles of water with sharing cards! The cards simply stated their purpose "To share God's love in a practical way—no strings attached." The project was received with open arms by the community.

One group that happened upon a sports game was even cheered by the team as they passed out the free water on this extraordinarily hot May Day. Again and again these students saw the positive impact they were making as people exclaimed, "Seventh-day Adventist? I believe I've heard of you! This is great, thank you so much!"

Another highlight of the afternoon was the "Oritoria" and concert. A representative from each church shared a sermon or story with the audience and was critiqued by a panel of judges on body language, content, articulation and so on. Each of the 12 young people presented beautiful, gospel-centered sermons assuring that Jesus is real to this generation.

The "icing on the cake" was the Gran Social organized by PlayGround Ministries who had the audience bouncing in a burlap sack, playing tug-of-war or popping balloons, no matter what their ages. The basketball and volleyball tournaments went until midnight Saturday night, with the soccer tournament starting Sunday morning. It was an exciting, spiritually focused, fun-filled weekend no one will soon forget.