Auburn Creates Project Impact to Thank Community

June 01, 2004 | Amber Serns

How do you repay the countless members of a community who so warmly embraced an entire student body through a devastating tragedy? One way is to do something that will benefit the entire community.

In gratitude for those who impacted so many after the November fire, the students and staff of Auburn Adventist Academy gave a gift to the community of Auburn on April 20—Project Impact, an entire day dedicated both to the beautification and clean up of local Auburn parks and to the one-on-one tutoring of students at a local elementary school.

After a few words of appreciation from Pete Lewis, mayor of Auburn, Wash., nearly 200 academy volunteers went to work at the parks. Weeds quickly disappeared, unwanted brush vanished, bushes were pruned, and posts were painted. Within a few hours tremendous improvements had been made to a place enjoyed by many of the groups and individuals who so generously supported the school.

At the nearby elementary school, teachers and young scholars came to think of Auburn students as friends. The project was a success because an impact was made and a community was thanked.