Slowing Down the Fast and the Curious

May 01, 2004 | Tara VinCross

More than 100 public high school students and 40 volunteer adult staff members spent March 5–7 at Sunset Lake Camp for the annual Washington Conference public high school retreat. This year’s theme, “The Fast and the Curious,” spoke to the many stressors like loneliness, grades, relationships and money facing public high school students and the need to slow down and focus on what really matters most—their relationship with God.

The schedule was packed with fun ways to connect with God and friends. Weekend programming included activities on camp equipment, spiritual programs, interactive games and social “down time.” Impact Praise Group and Walla Walla College Praise Band teamed up with Washington Conference youth pastors for music, drama and other programs.

Vincent Dehm, a California youth pastor, had two key questions that he asked the students: “If you were to lose your life today, are you confident that you would spend forever with Jesus when He returns?" and "Where are you with God?”

Many attendees were not Adventists but came because Adventist friends from public school invited them.

“I’ve been waiting for this all year because I love hanging out with my friends and getting to talk about Jesus," said one senior.

So, from tie-dye to late night games and the crux of it all—accepting Jesus Christ—these high school students had a blast. The fast and the curious realized that it’s okay to slow down and turn your eyes toward the One who matters most.