Leadership Summit Makes SMILES

May 01, 2004 | Colette Newer

Since 1996, the North American Division has advocated the development of Tutoring and Mentoring programs in local churches through the YouthNet program. Sandra Brown, the director of the division-wide effort, came to the Washington Conference Feb. 23–24 to provide training and information for those who are currently involved in tutoring and mentoring programs as well as those who think they might be interested in beginning.

The two day seminar focused on the “Making SMILIES” learning curriculum—reviewing the different pathways for learning and practicing methods of learning within each. Sandra also emphasized the

importance of teaching a child to master basic study skills, manage their own academic future and bringing parents into a closer partnership with their own child’s education.

Currently there are about 100 sites throughout the country operating out of churches, schools, and libraries. As a result of this training, three groups committed to opening sites in their community.

The Washington Conference currently has two area coordinators for the tutoring and mentoring program. One is Cheryl Brown of Everson. Cheryl will develop and coordinate tutoring and mentoring programs in the East King, Snohomish, Northern and Western Community Service Federation areas. The second coordinator is Marcell Jenkins. He is working within the Southern, Pierce, South King and Seattle Community Service Federations to bring awareness of and viability to the program in those areas.