Church Plant Yields First Fruits

May 01, 2004 | Ann Thomas

Les and Jennifer Ove were the first newly baptized converts of the lay members' church plant at Athol, Idaho. Retired pastor Ed Card, also known as the “Bible Preacher,” officiated at their outdoor baptism in Lake Pend Oreille on June 14, 2003.

Les Ove called his dad, Leif, one Sabbath morning and asked directions to the church, much to his father's surprise and joy. Les had been out of prison on parole and working as a roofer four years.

The Oves had been watching some of evangelist Doug Batchelor’s videos, and a few days after going to church, Les again called his dad, this time for Bible studies.

Following their baptism, the Oves have suffered an auto accident and a home fire, but their faith is not diminished.

The Oves have four sons: Aleric, 18 months; Isaiah, 3; Kieron, 4; and Uriah, 8.