Anchorage Churches Promote CHIP

The Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP) once again helped approximately 50 Anchorage residents start a healthier lifestyle during February. Participants lost a combined total of 222.5 pounds, and those needing to gain weight were able to do that. LDL (bad) cholesterol levels dropped an average of 15 percent, and blood sugars began to normalize. Participants had fun each evening, not only learning healthful information and sampling delicious foods new to most of the participants, but joining in group exercise with the help of the Beach Boys and other upbeat musical groups.

CHIP does not “cookie stamp” all participants into the same mold because each person attends for their own reason. When they complete the course they have the information necessary to achieve "health by choice, not by chance." Some people attend CHIP to learn how to lower cholesterol levels, while others want to reverse type II diabetes, lose or gain weight, start a regular exercise program, or just have a support system for positive changes already started. The “CHIP lifestyle” is the lifestyle that will make any person healthier. Sixteen CHIP alumni returned and brought new participants while refreshing their own knowledge.

May 01, 2004 / Alaska Conference