Silverdale Baby Boom Reminds of God's Love

April 01, 2004 | Kelly Pick

Some of the ladies at the Silverdale Church (Bremerton, Wash.) think twice before approaching the drinking fountain these days. You might say that there is something contagious in it as the Silverdale members sing the praises of God's blessings in the form of a recent baby boom.

Cradle roll has doubled in size—a church membership increase of 10 percent. "It seems like babies are everywhere when I come to church," says Jacob Pick, a primary class member. "With all the babies getting passed around to be held and cuddled, it's hard to know who the real parents are."

It's fun to watch the new parents experiencing the power of a parent's love. "It's a love like nothing you've ever experienced before," says Mel Rivera, proud father of six-month-old Sophia. "You would do anything for your child, even die for them."

At the most recent baby shower, members discussed the love of God as our parent and how He relates to us as a Father relates to his children. They discussed how God, as our parent, would do anything for us, even die for us.

The next little church member arrives in May. God is good.