Practice Evangelism Turns Real at Women's Ministries Event

"I have a clearer vision of what God is calling me to do and ideas which, prayerfully, I will use to win souls for Him,” penned one of the 54 attendees at the fourth annual “God through Me” Oregon Conference women’s ministries event held Feb. 20–21.

Nicolle Brisé, Florida’s Southeastern Conference women's ministries and communication director, presented a walk-through demonstration of how easy it is to present a lay evangelistic series in your church. Brisé helped attendees answer questions like: Is God calling me? Am I able to answer? Where is my ministry?

Individual reflection, group activities and Brisé’s instruction helped participants work up to the main event—an evangelistic meeting put on solely by attendees, from budgeting and greeting to song service, Bible class and the main message. It was no surprise that one of the four speakers was almost overcome by her own powerful message because this practice evangelism became real as the Holy Spirit took over.

Many expressed a desire to conduct a lay evangelistic series in their own church. The event organizers pray that all attendees will either preach their own series, be on a corresponding support team or join women’s ministries for a possible evangelistic trip to India in 2005.

April 01, 2004 / Oregon Conference